Monday, October 8, 2012

How to make a "no sew" diaper cover

 In my passion for cloth diapering, I have conjured up another idea. If your baby isn't a heavy wetter, why couldn't you make a fleece cover for daytime use? Try it! It hardly costs a thing and you don't even have to sew it. 
Supplies needed:
20x20" piece of fleece. The thicker the better. If you were going to sew or serge the edges, I might even suggest using two pieces.
Cut the cover like this:
free diaper cover tutorial

And that's it. You could serge the edges or even serge two pieces together to make a thicker cover. The idea here is that the moisture wicking properties of the fleece keeps the messes INSIDE. Of course you need to use a diaper underneith for soaking and catching abilities. 
This would totally work for premies...but it might be a bit bulky.
Here are some pictures to help you fold it for smaller babies...
fold one for smaller babies
diaper fold small babies 2
folding for smaller babies 3
folding for newborn
final fold for newborn

Use a Snappi or pins to close it
no sew diaper on 15 lb baby

no sew cover on toddler

In the future I might put together a pattern piece for this. Let me know if you are interested! :

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