Friday, January 19, 2018

Why the Adalynn Dress will be your favorite baby dress pattern

Here we are in the middle of January and I feel all giddy and excited as if it was the forth of July. Why? Because I have seriously made the cutest outfit for my Joy EVER. I mean, I have made some really cute things, but this dress comes out perfect each time and it's so easy to sew.

When I started to design the Adalynn dress Pattern, I knew that I wanted an a-line style. I love how beautiful an a-line fits on a baby, girl or adult. I set out to make the perfect fitting a-line.

Something that always concerns me, is to make sure that I have an easy to follow tutorial so that beginners can feel confident. Binding has been out of the question....until now! I decided to try a new spin on attaching binding, and it couldn't be more easy. Our testers were full with compliments on the binding instructions.

Look what one of our testers said after we were finished.....

"I just LOVE this pattern so much!! 
To be honest tho - I wasn't sure about the whole thing when I started. I ADORE MCDI patterns - how they are constructed and explained. Makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing. I had never done a neckband like this and I was nervous that I was going to screw it up. Why cant I just do a neckband like I've done before? What if I cant do it? I was used to doing things the other way and a bit resistant to change. 😬  
But I should've just trusted that like all other MCDI patterns, I would LOVE this one too and needed to trust in the process! 
Thank you Elizabeth Singler for pushing me outside my comfort zone and giving me even more reasons to love MCDI! Thank you for having me as a tester!"  ❤"

Since I was gearing this size range to be from nb-24 months, I knew that I needed something special. What could be special about an a-line? Ruffles! Of course!

But there's something even more than ruffles.....POCKETS! Yes pockets. Who knew that little girls would love pockets so much! So many of our models could hardly stand still for photos because they were so excited to put things in these pockets. Cutest.thing.ever. Totally worth the time spent to place them.

In this baby dress pattern there are perfectly fitting sleeves as well. Long or short sleeves are always a nice option. I will go out of my way to look for a pattern with nice fitting sleeves - and this one has it all.

Look what one of our testers said:
I was lucky enough to test this pattern and it's honestly an amazing pattern to use the instructions are very clear with cleverly placed notches to help you line the fabric up and includes some fantastic pockets for little ones that like to use them. It's a very quick so and would be perfect for anyone starting out with knit fabrics. Once you have made one you will want to make 10 of them I have 😀. It will easily become a wardrobe staple especial for the changing seasons as the pattern includes ...

You'll love how easy the Adalynn Dress is to put together. You'll love the pockets, you'll love the ruffle, you'll love the binding and the sleeves. The entire thing is going to be one of your favorites.

Thank you for being a customer of ours and for sticking with us. Every pattern that you purchase helps the mothers in our team support our little ones. <3
Thank you so much for that.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jump on in! Try the Jumpsuit!

Hi, It's Laura again! I'm a guest here again today to tell you all about the Jumpsuit pattern and why I love it!

A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote the blog post for the Reversible Overalls, I mentioned that I LOVE rompers. Well, it should be no surprise that I LOVE the Jumpsuit pattern! Another easy, one-piece outfit. This one is for knits though, and knits are just so comfy to wear! So, there are LOTS of reasons to love this little pattern. I've made two so far, and will undoubtedly use this pattern again! 

I made it by the fabric store on Monday this week. Well, you know how it feels when you are fabric shopping, and you stumble across a fabric you love, and you know exactly what you want to do with it? It's just like it was meant to be! 

 When I went to Joann's. I knew when I ran across this fabric that NEEDED to be a jumpsuit. I could already picture a little polar bear jumpsuit with white coordinating sleeves. I came home, and before doing anything else, prewashed the polar bear fabric. It's a Doodles knit. I prewash everything anyway, but if you get a Doodles knit from Joann's, you know you HAVE to prewash because it shrinks. So, it was washed and ready for whenever I had time for it. I went ahead and reprinted the pattern. The first one I made was a tad big on Luke and I had to hem it a lot. We just had our nine month check-up this week, and his length actually fits perfectly into the smaller size. I have no idea what I was thinking when I made the first one. But, it is super hard to measure a baby's length. They're squirmy and like to wiggle, so maybe I thought he was longer than he is? Ha. So, I printed and cut the pattern a size smaller. 

 On Tuesday, I wanted to cut my fabric out so badly, but had ZERO time all day long. Like for real, this might be the only thing I thought about all day Tuesday.  Then, on Tuesday night, after the kids were asleep, I got out my stuff and cut out my fabric. FINALLY! WOO HOO!  

I decided for this one to make the snap strip a little narrower than the pattern suggests. So, if you've made it you may notice that mine looks smaller. My husband had an old undershirt with a hole he was getting rid of so I used that for the snap placket. It was perfect, and I didn't have to waste any precious fabric! I also added some interfacing to the snap placket.  I mentioned that I wanted a white coordinate. I looked at Joann's, but they didn't have any. They rarely have solids that I actually like though, so I wasn't super surprised. I didn't have any at home either.  I went to my "stuff to upcycle cabinet." I periodically check out thrift stores, and my family checks with me before donating anything, so I keep a whole cabinet full of stuff that has upcycle potential. I grabbed a mock turtleneck shirt I bought from a thrift store a while back. The neck was a nice quality ribbing, perfect for the neckband on this. I cut it in half and saved the rest so I've got another white neckband when I need it! I cut the sleeves of this pattern from the sleeves of the thrift store shirt. The shirt was a nice, thick cotton interlock. Perfect for this! And, Hooray for one less hem! I took a little length off of the sleeve pattern since I won't need to hem the sleeves. This is just another reason that I love upcycling!  Now I've got all of my pieces cut. Let me show you one of my favorite pieces.  I'm allowed to have a favorite pattern piece, right? It's this little cloth diaper extender piece or gusset. It's optional, takes a couple of minutes longer, but is totally worth it if you cloth diaper. You know, they tend to be a little bulkier, and you sometimes have to stretch clothes to fit over them.  You won't have to if you use this piece. It'll give you the prefect fit!  

 Now, on to the sewing!! The pattern goes together fairly easily. It includes those excellent photo instructions that you expect from PDF pattern designers. The first time I made the pattern, I made it exactly as is, and it went together perfectly. As I mentioned before, it was a TAD big because I apparently had no idea how tall my child is! This time, as I mentioned, I sized down, and made a couple of slight changes. I already mentioned that I narrowed the snap strip this time. The only other thing I did was used a regular tee shirt neckband instead of binding. The binding took a little longer, and I was in a hurry. Like I mentioned, I wanted this done yesterday!  Since I'm pretty quick with regular neck bands, that's what I did.

I sewed everything together, and as I mentioned a post in the Mamma Can Do It Facebook group, it's not perfect but it's "good enough" and "good enough" is my new motto. If I want anything done, I don't have time for perfection. Haha Maybe one day, but while my boys are little, with most of my projects, I just don't take time for things such as going slowly!  

When I finished sewing, it was already after 11 PM, so I decided that snaps had to wait until Wednesday. On Wednesday, we decided to go to my sister's house. She always takes pictures for me, so I decided to just take everything over there and put snaps on there. I brought my snap press, my metal snaps, and the outfit. About half way there, I realized I only brought dies for plastic snaps. OOPS! I prefer using metal snaps for the inseam, because they're less bulky and easier to unsnap, but I remembered that my sister had some plastic snaps from a project she had done previously. She's nice, so she let me use some.  I didn't want to wait to put snaps on when I got back home, because I REALLY wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were at her house with her nice camera. At home, I have a cell phone camera, and as you know, the quality is nowhere near the same! So, I went with plastic snaps for this outfit! 

I'm in LOVE with the finished jumpsuit! This is such a cute pattern! 

If you don't have it yet, this pattern will be on sale through Friday (01/18) ONLY! You should really consider trying it out for yourself.  

If you're not QUITE convinced yet, let me highlight a few reasons that I LOVE it! 
  • It is for knit fabrics. Knit fabrics are super comfy for babies! They're just easy to wear and play in. 
  • It has inseam snaps. I know – this may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me. I've been drawn to a similar pattern before because I like the style, but there are no snaps. The whole thing pulls on from the neck. This may not be a huge deal, but I don't want to undress the baby just to change a diaper! TOO MUCH WORK. 
  • It's a comfortable fit. It's not super tight, so it's perfect for chubby babies 😉  
  • It has the optional gusset/ cloth diaper extender piece. This gives you the perfect fit over cloth diapers without stretching and pulling your fabric! 
  • Plenty of support from the Facebook Group if you need help or have questions.  
  • And the sale price is AMAZING! 
**I have inserted links throughout this post that direct you to my affiliate link for this pattern.* 

Or of course, you can always navigate the website and find it for yourself  😉  

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