Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Onesie Pattern - Babies sizes NB-36 Months

This is the story of how I came to design the onesie pattern. Actually, it's not a story at all - my baby didn't have enough onesies and they are so expensive that I wanted to make my own.
First I bought a pattern from Mccalls (I think). When I opened up the envelope I laughed out loud! My itty bitty baby was CERTAINLY not going to fit into that gargantuan thing! I should dig it out and line up my pattern with it to see how it compares. I'm pretty sure that my size 18 months would be similar to the newborn size on the mccalls pattern. lol. Obviously wasn't going to work.
I did what any pattern designer would do....I decided to make a GREAT design that was intended for REAL babies...not gargantuan ones. After about 50 hours of measuring and drawing, I came up with the first onesie design. Here is Claire modeling it:

After she wore the onesie all day, I decided to adjust the legs and sleeve length on the pattern. Then I made a few more onesies with the new pattern and loved them!
I got this fantastic idea that I could make these onesies out of purchased fabric, but better yet, I could recycle old shirts to make some one of a kind onesies!
Here is a onesie that has turned into my favorite one - it's made out of a t-shirt with a giraffe on the front:
Onesie Pattern

In fact, I liked the giraffe onesie so much that I decided to model Claire in it! Here is one of my favorites of her modeling for the onesie pattern: 

Do you like it? If you want to make your own, check out the onesie pattern now!

I made that hair bow with left over fabric from the t-shirt and the binding. The binding was made out of a different shirt that needed to be recycled. Here is a better one of the bow:
The flower reminded me of bananas....giraffe....jungle. 

In a nutshell, I loved making this pattern. It took me longer then I thought it would as it was my first baby shirt design. Now that the sizing is spot on, expect some more great baby shirt designs.

This onesie pattern features the fold over shoulders, but I would like to design a pull-over, T-shirt style onesie. I think it would make the sewing a smidge faster.

As a mom who has 6 kids, all VERY different sizes, I knew there would be some mamma out there who wouldn't try the pattern because her baby was so chubby. SO I decided to make a 'comfy' size onesie. It is the exact same length, but has more wiggle room in the shoulders, armholes, leg holes and tummy. It's great for those babies with the extra 'chub love'.
With the purchase of my onesie pattern, you get a fitted pattern (sized nb-36 months) and a comfy pattern (also sized nb-36 months). That's 18 patterns in all!

As far as closure, I am all about snaps. I just plain like them. However, I know that some people just prefer velcro (or it's cheaper, therefore better!), so I also included directions on how to apply the velcro so that it is less likely to irritate baby's skin.

Regardless of what closure you decide to use on your onesies, the design is great for completely concealing diapers. I love that if she is only wearing a onesie, there isn't any diaper poking through. Here is a picture of Claire modeling the onesie pattern to show you there isn't any diaper poking through. 

Well, I think that does it. Go to my website and get the onesie pattern to make your own now!
onesie pattern

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baby Pants Pattern - nb-24 months - Cloth & disposable sizes!

I'm just going to take a minute to talk about my baby pants pattern. It rocks. Not only does it sport multiple sizes, but there are two versions! One version is for cloth diaper wearers and another is for disposable wearers. To download the baby pants pattern, Click here.
baby pants pattern
Printable sizes included are:
0-3 Month
3-6 Month
6-12 Month
12-18 Month
18-24 Month
baby pants pattern

So out of all the baby pants patterns out there, why would you want to spend $5 to get mine? I'll outline the list below.

  1. My baby pants tutorial is incredibly easy to follow.
  2. My baby pants pattern is perfectly sized for newborn sizes up to 24 months. No guessing or measuring. 
  3. This baby pants pattern has special sizes for cloth diapers or disposable diapers!
  4. My baby pants pattern has real elastic measurements. No measuring (during naptime) required! :)
  5. This baby pants pattern has optional directions to make pockets & a cuffed hem.
  6. This baby pants tutorial has directions to use a serger OR a sewing machine. 

baby pants pattern

Ok, no more outline. lets get to the facts.

1. My baby pants tutorial is incredibly easy to follow

Here is an example snapshot. This says enough I think. Super easy directions with very explicit description with each image. Even the index is easy to maneuver through.:

2. My baby pants pattern is perfectly sized

If you have been sewing very long (especially baby patterns), then you know that baby patterns are absolutely NOT sized correctly. However, I have taken special care to be sure that all of my patterns are sized for real babies. Perfectly. This pattern is no exception. 

3. Cloth or disposable diapers?

Along with each pattern being incredibly shaped for a real baby, I also have it designed for two different specifications. One is for a cloth diapered baby (a bit more bulk) and one is for disposable diapered baby. The difference.....COMFY or SLIM versions. :) You are going to love this! 

4. Real elastic measurements

I'm not going to see what I was up against, I bought a pants pattern online. Do you know what I found? I discovered that I needed to measure my baby's waist to determine the size! Yeah...since I'm doing this project at nap time, and you are too....I think it's best that I have accurate size measurements in my pattern & tutorial. I do....they are the conventional waist sizes that you dress your baby in on a regular basis!

5. Optional Pockets or Cuff

Does a newborn baby NEED pockets on her pants? Nope...but they are dang cute! So is the cuff! I just wanted to give you the option of a bit more flair. Don't worry, if you are looking for ruffles...I'll be posting another pants pattern within the next few weeks with a ruffled butt & leg. You'll love it. But for now, the cuff rocks my socks!

baby pants pattern

6. Conventional machine or serger

This tutorial has instructions for a conventional sewing machine or a serger. If you have a zig-zag stitch, you can do everything that the serger does according to my directions. If not - don't worry! These steps are optional!

Overall, I think you will be incredibly pleased with this baby pants pattern. It is very easy to follow and you'll get a perfect pair of baby pants the first time. Even if you are a first time sewer. 
For whatever reason, if you are dissatisfied with this pattern, I have 100% refund guarantee  You'll love this pattern or your money back. 
I just know it's going to be a 'go to' pattern for you. Go ahead and download the basic baby pants pattern today!