Monday, July 22, 2013

The Reversible Baby Jumper Pattern is Incredible!

Have you been looking for a new sewing pattern to make your baby an adorable jumper? Look no farther! This reversible baby jumper pattern gives you two dresses in one and will be a main staple pattern in your sewing room!
reversible baby jumper pattern

I love patterns like this. I can use them over and over without feeling like I am overdoing the same design. This jumper pattern makes an excellent tank top dress for your baby in the summer. It is loose enough to easily fit cloth diapers under it and feels breezy cool. You could also use it in the winter time with tights, leggings, and a long sleeve.
baby dress pattern

This baby jumper pattern pairs perfectly with my ruffled diaper cover pattern! With Claire, my beautiful daughter and model, I love to dress her in the jumper and a tie-dyed cloth diaper as shown here. I'm a bit crazy for cloth diapers, so I don't mind showing off my handiwork.
baby jumper pattern

The baby jumper pattern comes with multiple sizes. They are all printable from a home printer, so you don't have to worry about scaling, drawing, drafting, or cutting large. They have the seam allowance built in and don't require anything on your part except the printing. Once printed, the directions are incredibly easy to follow and understand. In fact, with most of the patterns that I design, I have one picture per step. In this tutorial, most of the steps have TWO pictures. You CAN'T mess it up.

I recently had someone ask me if my patterns were for beginners. They are. If you can thread your own machine and know the difference between a zig zag stitch and a straight stitch, you can follow my pattern. This pattern uses ALL straight stitches, NO HAND SEWING and is completely reversible with a professional finishing touch. You will be so proud of yourself for making such a darling dress with this baby jumper pattern.

toddler jumper dress

Have you thought about dressing a newborn in some fancy homemade dresses? You should! It takes a minimal amount of fabric to make a newborn baby jumper with this pattern. Can you imagine the gorgeous photos you could take or have professionally taken? 
Don't you love the bows that I am pairing with these baby jumpers? They are all one of a kind creations that I design in my sewing room. Recently I have started to offer them for free on my website. Add a flower headband to any outfit for any size baby.

butterfly headband pattern

Enough about the flower headbands, lets get back to the baby jumper pattern. 
The sizes that are included for the jumper pattern are as follows:
  • Newborn
  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-18 months
  • 18-24 months
  • 24-36 months

Another thing that I want to mention about this pattern compared to others, is that the arm holes are not exceptionally large. I have purposefully designed the jumper pattern to allow room for chubby arms and sleeves, but I have left them small enough that the jumper looks very nice without an undershirt. There's nothing worse then having too much skin showing through an armhole. 

Want to check out the reversible baby jumper pattern yet? Click the image below and get sewing!

Easiest ANYWHERE - Baby Shorts Pattern Rocks!

Sew a pair of baby shorts today in 15 minutes or less! Printable pattern pieces and step by step tutorial for newborn - 36 months. Don't  look anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and get these shorts sewn up today with this baby shorts pattern!
baby shorts pattern
Newborn-Toddler Shorts Pattern

You have a summer barbecue to go to and your baby doesn't have any clean shorts to wear....much less shorts that will make your friends ooo and ahh. There is one hour until you have to leave for the party. Not enough time is left to do a load of laundry, but you can sew up a pair of baby shorts in 15 minutes with this baby shorts pattern!
baby shorts pattern
Ooo and ahhh with a onesie and cute shorts! Easy peasy outfit!

This baby shorts pattern has printable pattern pieces for multiple sizes and is available to download instantly. Don't worry about drafting your own pattern or trying to figure out how to size a "one size" pattern differently. This baby shorts pattern is the one that you need. It will be the "go to" all summer long!
newborn shorts pattern
Printable pattern pieces make it a snap!

What's included:

Included in this pattern are directions for how to make baby shorts out of yardage as well as directions on how to use an old t-shirt. Don't worry about spending a fortune on your baby's attire this summer! This shorts pattern works great with knits or woven fabrics.
t-shirt baby shorts


This design has 7 sizes that are included in the pattern. The sizes that are available are as follows:

  • Newborn shorts pattern 
  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-18 months
  • 18-24 months
  • 24-36 months 
You will be covered the entirety of your baby's itty bittiness. Hopefully sometime in the future, I will have time to design larger sizes for older kids.

shorts pattern sample

Boy or girl:

Is the pattern for boys or girls? Both! The length is perfect for both girls and boys! However, the baby shorts pattern is very easy to adjust the length to suit your needs if you would like them shorter or longer than what you see pictured.

Special Perks:

What I love about this pattern compared to others, is that it is designed for real babies. Don't worry about sizing up or down if you have a 'chunky' baby or if you are using cloth diapers. There are two versions that are available: A SLIM or a COMFY style. The SLIM version is excellent for the disposable diaper wearer, or if you are simply going to use a knit fabric (like an old t-shirt). The COMFY style is for the babies who might need a bit more room or for using a woven fabric (like a designer quilting fabric). A great reason to use the COMFY style is if you use cloth diapers on your baby. It gives you the option to use any type of fabric with enough room to keep your baby comfortable.

What if I don't like it:

I am so confident in any of my sewing patterns, that if you don't care for it, I give you a refund 100%. I am always pleased to help any of my customers in any step that they might be confused in, and I take all feedback heartily to fix any issues that might arise with a pattern. You have 100% customer support from the designer personally when you purchase a sewing pattern from

Are you ready to see it?

Check out the simple baby shorts pattern at For a complete outfit, pair the shorts with the baby tank onesie pattern or short sleeve onesie pattern. Don't forget to add a flower headband for your daughter - There are free flower headband patterns in the free section on