Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"Introducing......... Adalynn for Girls"


The newest pattern from Mamma Can Do It, the Adalynn dress, is a classic, comfortable design with opportunities for wear all year long. The Adalynn uses knit fabric which provides a great amount of comfort and softness for the wearer.

Pattern details:
2t to 16 (includes kids and tween sizing in one pattern!!)
On sale through Wednesday 1/31/18 for $6.50 (regular price $9.99)

Pattern Options:
Short sleeve
Long sleeve
Sleeveless (not in pattern)
Ruffle hem
Binding on neck

Other notes about the pattern from print to finish:
Sleeves are not cut on fold
Notches on the pattern pieces that are cut on the fabric that make the cut fabric pieces line up and go together with ease. Most of the time, I use safety pins to "mark" the front pieces of a garment, but because of the notches, I didn't have to worry about it. I simply line up the right number of notches to itself, and it's perfect!!


I sewed up an Adalynn dress with long sleeves and pockets. I used ITY fabric. The sleeves are a perfect length--not too long, not too short. They don't pull up when she stretches and don't fall off her hands when she walks--literally perfect! The sleeves will get us through this cold spell and on into spring.


I love this pattern not just because of the notches and the ease of putting it together, but because of the size range most of all. Ladybug (pictured here) was always tiny for her age until around her 5th birthday. Then she shot up and out and now, 2 years later, is at the top of sizing for many of the designers I bought patterns from at that time. The Adalynn dress pattern is perfect for kiddos who are harder to fit. Because of the large size range, I am not sewing at the top of this pattern's size range. We have a way to go and that's a good feeling because she's a kiddo--not a grown person. I don't want to eventually have to alter a ladies pattern to fit her. I want to continue using patterns like Mamma Can Do It's Adalynn dress that are designed for girls AND include a wide range of sizes (toddlers to tweens).


Sewing up the dress took an hour-ish with my super-wired, always on brain working at the same time. Then it was out to take some pictures. I am just now learning a fancy-ish point and shoot camera. One day I'll get me a nicer camera and learn how to properly use it. Ladybug here picked out her own accessories and was such a good sport walking around town looking for places to pause.


One of the things I love about taking pictures of clothes that I make are the pictures that convey Ladybug's personality. She's good at looking serious because she is usually serious about getting done, but when I catch her laughing or heading off to jump in puddles of water, it makes me appreciate what she's wearing even more, because then it's not only something I made, but it's something that she's made a memory in. Below are some of our outtakes/personality pictures.


The Adalynn pattern is a great wardrobe staple with a large range of sizes available. The dresses made from the Adalyn pattern can be:

worn all year long with options in the pattern,
played in,
slept in,
worn to school or church or anywhere, and
dressed up or down based on fabric and accessories.


We love our Adalynn dress and have more planned!! She loves the fit and comfort, and I love how they fit her so well! I hope you will sew up an Adalynn or two and share your Adalynn dress with the Mamma Can Do It Sewing Group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mammacandoit/

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