Monday, March 14, 2016

Fabric Necklace Pattern

Accessorizing babies is so much fun. I love to put fabric necklaces on my little ones. Is there anything better than being able to whip one out in 10 minutes? Now you can with this fabric necklace pattern.

how to make a perfect baby necklace

This tutorial for a fabric necklace is super simple and it takes items that you might already have laying around in your house or craft room! 

how to make a cloth necklace

I give you tips on length of your fabric as well as ideas to tie or put a snap on the end to secure the necklace in place.

baby accessory necklace pattern

I love that the head accessory can match the necklace.

how to make a teething necklace
This easter dress wouldn't be complete without the adorable necklace

teething necklace pattern

I also give you adult sizes for this necklace pattern so that you can make some for yourself for any outfit! It's also an excellent way to make a teething necklace that will look cute on you, and will keep a little one busy.

all toddlers need a necklace

Perfect length. I love how it naturally follows the line of the shirt.

fabric necklace pattern for babies

Even busy babies won't mind being accessorized because it won't get in their way!

fabric necklace pattern

I can't wait for you to try this fabric necklace pattern! let me know if you have questions!

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